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Checklist of Policy Indicators for Tobacco Use

This checklist can help you determine how many and what types of tobacco-related policies already exist in your community so you can best decide where to extend your efforts.

Download the checklist in Microsoft Word

Excise taxes (local)
Tobacco sales licensing system
Prohibition of smoking in public places
Prevention of preemption of local control of tobacco sales
Restrictions on advertising and promotion
Ban on vending machines
Compulsory compliance checks for minimum purchase age and administrative penalties for violations
Minimum age sales of age 18
Warning labels
Mandatory seller training
Ban on self-service sales (all tobacco behind the counter)
Minimum age for sellers
Penalty for underage use of tobacco products
Establishment of smoke-free settings (restaurants, workplaces, hospitals, stadiums, malls, day care facilities)
Counter advertising
Restrictions on sponsorship of special events (communities, colleges, stadiums)
Prohibition of tobacco use on school grounds, in buses & at school events
Enforcement of school policies
Mandatory checks for age identification at local retail stores and other businesses
Seller training for businesses
Incentives for checking age identification at local businesses
Undercover shopper or monitoring program at local businesses

Source: The Coalition Impact: Environmental Prevention Strategies, Beyond the Basics Series, CADCA’s National Coalition Institute