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STRATEGY 6 – Change Physical Design

Changing the physical design involves limiting youth access to tobacco products and tobacco promotions, and working to increase the number of tobacco-free environments.  These efforts will decrease under tobacco use and safeguarding individuals’ health from second-hand and third-hand smoke exposure.

These interventions focus on working with local government, businesses, schools, recreation facilities and others to identify ways to modify the physical environment by moving the location of tobacco products in stores, placing signage identifying tobacco-free zones, removing tobacco advertising and promotional material from the view of youth. 

  • Ask local businesses and public employers to conduct an “environmental scan” of their premises to identify on-site smoking locations and to identify places where tobacco-free zone signage may be places.
  • Ensure that there aren’t too many tobacco shops and retailers in your community relative to the number of residents, and that these facilities are operating pursuant to local laws and regulations.
  • Work with your local law enforcement to find out where illegal sales of tobacco products most often take place in your community.
  • Removal or placement of “butt receptacles” in locations that allow smoking – but should be smoke free.
  • Clean-up events at locations and venues which attract smokers – publicize clean-up efforts.
  • Provide tobacco retailers with “We Card” signage, counter maps with age requirements and license identification information.
  • Provide signage to retailers reinforcing laws that prohibit (as appropriate based on local laws):
      • The retailer (clerks) selling tobacco products to minors
      • Minors  attempting to purchase tobacco products and
      • Adults purchasing and providing tobacco products to minors
  • Ensure that Tobacco (and Drug) Free Zones also ban advertising within 1000 (or more) feet of a school or church property.
  • Work with local tobacco vendors to place all tobacco products and paraphernalia (e.g., papers, pipes) behind the counter.
  • Work with local tobacco vendors to remove or limit advertising and other promotions that may target and be visible to youth.